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Ida Corr

Ida Corr

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo: Paw Ager


Love, integrity, power, honesty, respect, responsibility.
On the brand new album, ”Corr Values” Ida Corr celebrates her roots and gets further into her own core values – in her lyrics as well as in her compositions.

"I have dug deeper this time, and I've had to go through many processes and peeled off many layers before I got to the core of my sound and the stories I want to tell. It is a core of contrasts and complexities. But it is my core. My Music. "

Once again Ida Corr explores and challenges genre conventions. 'Corr Values' is an expression of Ida Corr finding the core of her afro-electronic sound universe, a result of her African/European upbringing.
The deep, repetitive beats on the album are inspired by both trance generating tribal rhythms and the more clinical feeling of Electronica.

"Many new things have happened in my life as well as in that of the people surrounding me. The lyrics are more reflective and honest. I've looked at life around me and tried to relate to the complexities of being a human being – and of being a woman. How do I balance my feminine ideals of being the "perfect" woman in control or the all-embracing Mother Earth figure, when the reality we face sometimes requires a more masculine strength and toughness? I guess it’s something I think most women can relate to. The lyrics are about embracing vulnerability and incorrectness; accepting how being a woman, a mother, and a human being also implies being imperfect. "

Ida Corrs quest for her core values is stressed by two unique Gambian guests appearing on the album. On the track "Machine Gun" the icon Dawda Jobarteh demonstrates how the Gambian instrument, the kora should be handled and contributes with his delicate and alluring vocal.A stark contrast to the powerful song.
Ida Corrs earliest musical inspiration, her father Wally, also makes his artistic contribution to the album. His unique artwork adorns the albums cover design and on the upcoming tour it will play a central part in the visual universe.

The ideas on how the components visual effects, live performance and music is to be merged into one whole, arises from Ida Corr's musical core. This also applies to the belief that sound and images are creative expressions, strengthened by each other. The album is Ida Corr’s fourth studio album, but the first to be released on her newly formed record label, House of Corr.

" For quite some time I have had the urge to create a space that encourages synergy, encompassing all aspects of being an artist. With this album I’ve tried to do things in a different way, seeking to reinforce the art rather than the trend. House of Corr is my idea of a starting point for creative meetings where circles of cores provide a synergistic effect not only for music, but also for the visual and live performance part. My vision is to create a ' tribe ', where it is not only the musician or artist that contributes, but a place where the relationship between artist, music and audience is rethought and the audience is involved and inspired to contribute and be more recognized as a co-creator of unique moments”, says Ida Corr.

"Corr Values" is written by Ida Corr and produced in collaboration with Jesper Sidelmann and is released on October 28th 2013.
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Bimbo Jones "See U Later (Radio Edit)"
Bimbo Jones
Album: See You Later (Remixes) [feat. Ida Corr]
Genre: Dance
Moods: Danceable, Upbeat
Chresten "Let Go"
Album: X Factor Denmark
Genre: Electronic
Moods: Atmospheric, Mysterious
Ed Jones "Walking"
Ed Jones
Album: Walking - Single
Genre: Funk
Moods: 1970's, Funky
Ed Jones "Walking (OBE Remix)"
Ed Jones
Album: Walking - Single
Genre: Funk
Moods: 1970's, Funky
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