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Sunshine and sandy beaches, late-night parties and good times with friends, relaxation and carefree days. Whatever your perfect vision of summertime, everyone can agree, the summer season is an idyllic one. Whether you are on holiday right now, or daydreaming of a trip you plan to take, throw your headphones on and let this playlist of summer jams transport you to your happyplace.

Fallin’-Liza Owen

Reservoir’s newly signed British-Cambodian singer-songwriter Liza Owen released her new single “Fallin’” just in time for the summer. “Fallin’s” music video takes us out on the patio, catching some rays, and then running on the beach with our friends. If you are having a heartbreak, and want to dig deeper in it, tune into this song, and focus on nothing else but the sun hitting your face, and your eyes are scanning the horizon.

Summer- The Carters

Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s collaborative albumEverything Is Love” is the latest hit release for Reservoir songwriter James Fauntleroy, as he co-wrote the album’s first track, “Summer”. The lyrics on the cut state, “Let’s make love in the summer time. On the Sands. Beach Sands. Make Plans”. This steamy vision conjured up by Beyoncé’s sultry singing is the perfect embodiment of hot summer nights.

Saturday Sun- Vance Joy

Vance Joy’s neo-folk hit, “Saturday Sun”, co-written and co-produced by Reservoir’s Dave Bassett brings us back to chasing romance out on the West Coast. The lyrics touch upon the rays of sunlight that are shining, though the love and heartache does not fade away, while the music video makes you want to take a road trip and drive down the coast as your hair blows away, with nothing but a smile on your face.

Vacation- Flatbush Zombies (feat. Joey Bada$$)

Doesn’t every summer day feel like a vacation? Brooklyn rapper, Joey Bada$$ is featured on Flatbush Zombie’s song, “Vacation” whose music video is filled with summertime vibes: lying by the pool, boating in ocean, and coasting with the rooftop down. Close your eyes, and picture yourself in the video focusing on lyrics such as, “cruising in my own lane. Had to take the scenic route” ... “I feel like on vacation”. Open them back up, and boom... you’ve arrived at your summertime destination, wherever your imagination leads you.

Yu Zimme- Stylo G

When Reservoir’s Stylo G dropped “Yu Zimme” featuring Chip, he transported his fans to Jamaica with the reggae smash. Watching the music video, one can’t help but wish they were alongside Stylo and Chip at the most epic of pool parties.

SoulMate- Justin Timberlake

“Summer. Starts. Now,” says Justin Timberlake at the start of “SoulMate.” And when JT says something, we oblige. This fresh cut, co-written by James Fauntleroy, has a dance-pop groove, and sunny, tropical percussion, which makes sense as the singer posted to Instagram that the track was conceived in the Bahamas. Man of the Woods, meet Man of the Beach.

Airplane Pt 2- BTS

Time to jet up, up, and away! Reservoir writers Ali Tamposi and Liza Owen made it easy turn cellphones on airplane-mode with their co-write “Airplane Pt 2”. The group made history, thanks in part to this fan-favorite track, forging the way for BTS to become the first K-Pop group with a Billboard #1 album. “Love airplane mode. Turn off my attention. I’ll look at the night sky now as I keep my place,” sings the group. Travelling just became a cinch with this cut blasting in our earbuds.

Summer Love- Justin Timberlake

If there’s anything Justin Timberlake knows about, it’s summer romances—which is why he deserves two entries on our list. His hit song, “Summer Love”, was co-produced by Reservoir writer-producer Danja. Though written in 2006, the song feels timeless as Timberlake croons,“Ridin’ in the drop top with the top down” – that’s something we all still most definitely do. Trying to figure out a way to not give up on summer romance, Timberlake pleads “this just can’t be summer love”. When the season comes to an end, our only advice to you is to keep the romance rolling for as long as you can!

Soak Up the Sun- Sheryl Crow

All we wanna do is soak up Sheryl Crow’s voice! The Reservoir catalog writer’s 2002 jam, “Soak Up The Sun” is the perfect warm weather anthem, with the accompanying music video which she filmed barefoot on a sandy beach. Is there any summertime mantra more true than “I’m gonna soak up the sun before it goes down on me”? Listen to the breezy jam as you enjoy everlasting second of natural sunlight.

Ocean- Soul Samurai

Lifted House’s Jesper Sidelmann and Gregers teamed up for this breezy deep house cut that makes us want to head to the beach, stat. With sounds reminiscent of the ocean waves crashing against the shore, the track transports us to the seaside when the beat drops.

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