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In anticipation of the release of her new album, Something's Changing, due out on July 7th via Communion Records, we sat down with British singer/songwriter Lucy Rose to chat about her documentary, the songwriting process, and featured collaborations. Read more from Lucy below:

What inspired the title of your new album, Something’s Changing, and what’s changed the most for you since the release of 2015's Work It Out?

In the last year of my life a lot has changed. Change feels like a huge part of the record and who I am today. I wanted the title to represent the record and myself, and I wanted it to be open as I hope that I'm still changing. I think the world is ever changing so I wanted it to have that broad sense too.

You’ve spoken about how transformative your DIY Latin American tour was for you and how this new album was inspired by your adventures. Can you tell us more about how this trip influenced your songwriting specifically?

After going on this trip for 8 weeks, I felt completely different afterwards. I had a new lease on life and songwriting. I really had forgotten about what was important and all the people I met had a dramatic impact on me, so honestly, a lot of the album is inspired by them. It was much easier to write once I felt re-connected to myself as an artist.

You have collaborated with a wide range of artists, from Logic to The Staves and Elena Tonra from Daughter on the new album. How does collaborating with another artist change or affect your songwriting process and who is on your list of dream collaborators?

I had written all the songs for this record and recorded them before I decided that I would love a different voice on the songs as a texture. I'm a huge fan of The Staves and Daughter, so it was a dream come true when they said yes. Collaborating with them really brought another element to the record which I wouldn't have been able to achieve in my own. I've been really lucky in the past to work with Logic along with Bombay Bicycle Club, Manic Street Preachers and Ghostpoet all of whom have given me confidence.

Have you ever experienced writer’s block? If so, how do you get past it?

The odd days yes - writing doesn't feel quite right and nothing flows as it should. For me, it's about writing in the right mindset about things that are truly important. Once I find myself in a sonic space where that feels alive, then I make the most of that moment and write. If it's not there, I could write but I know it won't have the magic so I often wait for the moment.

You’ve been more involved in the filming process recently, filming your documentary Something’s Changing and directing the music video for your single “Is This Called Home.” Why was it important to you to take on these roles behind the camera?

With “Is This Called Home,” I came up with the idea and directed the video; and due to budget restraints I ended up doing more and more to make the video happen. It didn't feel like directing, I really was just telling Jonathan (the dancer) and George (the Director of Photography) the vision I had in my head and they re-created it. It was one of the simplest and quickest videos I've ever made.

On Work It Out, we saw themes of women's rights, equality, and freedom of expression through your music videos for “Till The End” and “Nebraska,” for example. How have current social issues contributed to your artistry? Do these themes continue on Something’s Changing?

Absolutely, all of the above are still highly important to me and I think that you can feel that in the record. I never want to divulge too much about what a song is about, but I'm constantly exploring myself and the world I live in, and finding out things I love and that frustrate me. But overall, I want this album to comfort people in their times of need, when they feel like no one understands - because someone does.

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