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Reservoir caught up with Danish singer, songwriter, and music producer Ida Corr, whose songwriting chops are currently being celebrated on Denmark's new season of the television show Toppen af Poppen, to talk about her upcoming album, describing her sound, and future plans. Read more from Ida below:

In this industry, where we love splitting things into categories, your music is generally associated with the dance/electronic genre. If there was no such thing as genre or radio format, how would you describe your sound?

I think my sound differs from year to year. As I evolve as a human being, so does my music. But I will always have a sprinkle of soul in all I do.

You recently announced an upcoming collaboration with Fedde Le Grand, with whom you had your first major hit, “Let Me Think About It”, in 2007. How have you and Fedde maintained your collaborative relationship over the years?

I have not seen or worked with Fedde as much as I would have liked to over the years—not because we haven’t wanted to work together, but sometimes life is just faster than your calendar! I’m looking forward to making up for that with “Firestarter", and hope we will get to do a lot more music together from now on.

When did you begin working on your forthcoming album? Did the songs come to you quickly, or did it take time for things to come together?

I'm still working on the album! I have so many ideas and things I want to try this time--new producers, new sounds, and sort of a new songwriting method. I am currently working in Garage Band, which is new to me and SO much fun!

Your last full-length album, 2013’s Corr Values, was a bit of a concept album, sonically, with its tribal rhythms, chants, and similar details. Will your next full-length project be rooted in an aural concept as well?

I never know what will happen until I sit down and begin to write. So far, I feel that this time my writing has become even more “soulful", so maybe I'll go back to my good old soul roots this time.

It’s been interesting to see how music competitions have impacted your career—in 2013, you were a celebrity judge on X Factor Denmark, years after your own experience of winning the Danish Melodi Grand Prix (Danish Children Songcontest) as a child. What do you think about the role of the music competition in terms of nurturing young talent? Is it an area in which you’d like to continue to be involved?

I think that anything that gives attention to music is educational for aspiring artists and musicians. Music is not only lyrics and melodies, but also how you deliver them to your fans. 'Showbiz' and performance are also big parts, and it's important to know how to work in and around showbiz [all experience that young artists can get through competitive opportunities].

As for me, I'm solely focusing on my own music right now, so I'm not going to do judging parts anytime soon.

You’ve created the record label House of Corr, which allows you to release your music independently, in addition to working with Lifted House. Why was it important for you to establish your own label? Would you recommend that other artists do the same?

I am still new to being the owner of a label, so I don't know yet if I would recommend it. But for me, it's a dream, that one day when maybe I don't want to be onstage myself, I can still do creative things in House of Corr. Evolving new acts, songwriting, and so on. It gives me a sense of freedom!

Some of your fans may be aspiring songwriters themselves. What advice do you have for them in terms of practicing the craft of songwriting?

Songwriting is about telling stories, so make sure you have a good one. And always remember heart and passion, regardless what kind of art you do!

Do you have any songwriting or recording ‘bucket list’ items—dream projects or collaborations that you would love to pursue?

My biggest dream as an artist is to someday get to Work with Missy Elliot!! I think her beats and hooks are next level fabness.

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