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Big Grams (Big Boy + Phantogram) recently released conceptual self-titled album inspired by the 7 deadly sins. The sins are known as the most immoral acts that man can commit, but the group wonders, what if these character flaws were celebrated instead of condemned?

We distilled the threesome’s vibe and inspiration, as described in a recent Vevo interview, into Big Grams: a Track By Track breakdown. Read, listen, and watch below:

Fell In The Sun

"Fell In The Sun" represents the deadly sin Envy. Conceived on a sunny day while in Canada, the track is about insatiable desire, but instead of jealousy, it explores the thought that you deserve it all. The group recently dropped a hypnotizing music video that explores the feeling you get when staring up at the sun. Keep an ear out for lyrics “Dope is dope from ATL to NY” as they have particular significance to the group – Big Boi hails from Atlanta, while Phantogram have their home in NY. But as Big Boi says, "dope is dope” no matter where you’re from.

Goldmine Junkie

“Goldmine Junkie" represents the deadly sin Greed. This track was the first one that the group started collaborating on for this project. Josh came up with the title while driving and the group attempts to invoke the feeling of chasing those highly sought after butterflies people get when first dating someone special. The relationship might be great, but you still want more. Added bonus: Sarah raps on this track!

Drum Machine

“Drum Machine” represents the deadly sin Wrath. The beats for this track were the very first ones that Josh composed for the project. With help from electronic music DJ Skrillex, the group felt the beat was “out of this world” and labels the song a new brand of music, Trap-EDM. With “Drum Machine” the group attempts to let anyone who ever tried to oppose them know who is boss.

Lights On

“Lights On” represents the deadly sin Pride. Sarah describes the song as the feeling of being out there and alone and reaching out for help. Don’t let pride get in the way. As the lyrics state, "I hope you keep your lights on for me.” The latin word for Pride also comes from the root word Supurbia, the same as superb. The group ponders, maybe you’re not proud, but you just know that your light shines brighter than everyone else's.

Run For Your Life

"Run For Your Life" is the lead track on Big Grams and represents the deadly sin Sloth. Of all the deadly sins, Sloth is the only one that has its roots in emptiness or the absence of something. In Dante’s Purgatorio, the punishment for Sloth is eternal running at top speed, hence, "Run For Your Life."

Born To Shine

“Born To Shine" represents the deadly sin Gluttony. Gluttons can be described as selfish and over indulgent, but the group instead labels this as confidence. They note that some people were meant to sit at the table and others weren’t.

Take a look at the track by track video the group recently recorded for Vevo below:

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