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As music has progressed into the twenty-first century, the lines between the genres have become blurred as the defining acts of each decade increasingly become unconstrained by their genres. This phenomenon is bringing the many different types of music to the new demographics and has resulted in a genre-bending golden age where each music movement and its artists influence and inspire each other.
We've compiled a shirt list of our favorite genre-bending Reservoir tracks that help define the stylistic mixing that we've come to expect as the norm.
LEAN ON- Major Lazer, & DJ Snake
With an intoxicating blend of soulful vocals, dance rhythms, and Middle Eastern influenced vocal chopping, “Lean On” brings something new to Major Lazer’s repertoire of international dance music. 
REBELS- Ina Wroldsen 
Norwegian hit-maker Ina Wroldsen creates a truly original sound with her newest single “Rebels”. Pop, minimalistic electronica, and unexpected melodic turns create this track’s ethereally catchy sound. 
K.Y.S.A.- The Alchemist and Oh No feat. Phantogram 
Phantogram has been known to bend genres at will to create their signature sound. “K.Y.S.A.” features hip-hop elements courtesy of The Alchemist, alongside the indie rock and electronic stylings of Phantogram, creating a unique sonic experience.
POPPIN OFF- Watch The Duck
What would this list be without WatchTheDuck? Taking elements from dub step, hip-hop, R&B, trap, and funk music, the Atlanta based duo fundamentally embodies the new normal.
The soul TERRI B! brings to her vocal work makes her one of the most unique and sought out singers in the EDM world today. True to form, “Blind Heart” fully integrates electronic and soul music sound without compromising the cohesiveness of the track. 
For more of Reservoir's cutting-edge, follow our New Normal playlist on Spotify:
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