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Remember those Hot Topic skinny jeans you still have in your closet? It’s time to break them out as we celebrate the movement that brought Alternative Rock back in the 2000s: Emo!

The Emo movement featured loud bands, flat-ironed bangs, and the Vans Warped Tour summer blowout festival that lives on to this day. Love it or hate it, *sensitive* emo bands and their infectious rock anthems dominated the airwaves at the turn of the century.  So slip on your Vans, paint your nails black, and enjoy these Reservoir Emo Anthems!

"Check Yes Juliette" - We The Kings
If you had a crush in middle school, this song was about you. We The Kings’ power pop tribute to young love was everywhere in 2008, propelling the group to instant stardom. Just try not to sing every word when that guitar comes in!
“The Running Free” - Coheed and Cambria
Let’s say you weren’t really into partying and were better acquainted with comic books and Dungeons and Dragons. New York’s Coheed and Cambria understood you completely. With albums like Good Apollo and I’m Burning Star IV acting as soundtracks to the lead singer’s comic book, Coheed connected with those often ignored by popular music.
"Bring Me To Life” - Evanescence
Evanescence's Amy Lee brought a new sound to emo music with the 2003 release of “Bring Me To Life”. Her power and emotional depth propelled the band to the top of the charts and earned them a Best New Artist Grammy, beating out radio powerhouse 50 Cent. This cut highlights the beautiful contrast between Amy’s pseudo-operatic delivery and the grittier male vocal provided by Paul McCoy of 12 Stones.
“Broken” - Seether
Seether’s power ballad “Broken” pulled at the heartstrings of teenagers across the world in 2004. This brooding duet between lead singer Shaun Morgan and his then-girlfriend, Amy Lee of Evanescence, features a softer sound that was just as powerful as Morgan’s trademark scream-vox.
"The Great Escape” - Boys Like Girls 
Boys Like Girls' pop sensibilities were coupled with big guitars and a clear tenor vocal, leading the band to acclaim from both emo and pop fans. If you like youthful summer smashes, “The Great Escape” might be your favorite song.
"One Last Last Time” - LoveSick Radio
More indie than pop, LoveSick Radio were rough around the edges in a way that tempted you to check their MySpace page every night before bed. Now quick, go send your ex this song on AIM! 
“Angel Eyes” - New Years Day
Without question, New Years Day is the biggest Emo band of the new decade. With a screaming diva lead singer Ash Costello, a huge sound, and a catalogue of hard rock jams, they’re bringing back emo like it is 2007 all over again! 



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