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Throughout the years many artists have covered songs to pay tribute to their influences, to showcase their talents, or to simply perform a song they love. Thanks to YouTube, covering songs is bigger than ever! One staple of YouTube is giving a platform for those who previously didn’t have one and these kids took that to heart, giving performances that rival the originals. 
Here are five fantastic kid covers:
1. "CRY ME A RIVER", Justin Timberlake
Nothing demonstrates the power of a song better than a young Justin Bieber! 
Before his rise to pop stardom, Justin Bieber was just another kid covering songs by pop’s other Justin. This video has become famous among Justin's “beliebers” racking up 23 million views!
2. "MY IMMORTAL", Evanescence 
Its hard to think that a kid could bring the right emotion to Evanescence’s power ballad “My Immortal” but as soon as Jasmine Clarke starts singing, jaws drop. The video really speaks for itself.
3. "EMPIRE", Shakira
Jamie Lou’s “cover” of Shakira’s “Empire” is closer to a re-recording of the track, featuring new musicians, a new music video, and most importantly a new leading lady. Jamie Lou’s vocal prowess is evident and quite impressive for a girl her age!
4. "TALK DIRTY", Jason Derulo (feat. 2 Chainz)
Internet phenomenon MattyBRaps struck again with his cover of Jason Derulo and 2 Chainz’s “Talk Dirty”. This cover features Chloe Channell, another YouTube child star who’s vocal work brings a new dimension to the second verse. With charm and talent, MattyB roped in 23 million views with this cover.
5. "IMPOSSIBLE", Shontelle
Its hard to comprehend the vocal virtuosity of Maddi Jane even after watching her videos. Her delivery, tone, and general vocal maturity are astonishing for a fifteen year old. Even more impressive, she was only 10 when she covered Shontelle’s “Impossible” which has racked up 64 million views!!! 
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