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2 Chainz

2 Chainz

Based in Atlanta, GA
Labels Def Jam Recordings
Writers Tauheed Epps
In some way, shape or fashion everyone should be working to attain the American Dream. But in rare cases like that of rising rap star 2Chainz, he doesn’t get enough sleep to dream. He’s too busy making the finer things in life a part of his reality.

Born Tauheed Epps on Atlanta’s Southside, as an only child he learned quickly that hard work was the only way to gain success. Even before he was introduced to most rap fans as a member of Ludacris’ Disturbing Tha Peace outfit, he already had a name for himself as one half of the rap group Playaz Circle which would go on to release two albums on the iconic Def Jam label as well as the 2007 smash hit “Duffle Bag Boyz” featuring Lil Wayne.

However, even with major label resources and high-profile relationships at his disposal, 2Chainz felt motivated to help himself become bigger, instead of the other way around.

“The spirit just came from me being around a lot of peers that do the same thing that I do, but their bank account was larger than mine,” says 2Chainz who was a part of Wayne’s first I AM MUSIC tour. “I had a bunch of millionaires number in my phone so I figured it was time for me to step my game up.”

The first step of his independence came in the form of 2007’s Me Against The World, a mix tape where he displayed his solo talents, originality and ability to stand on his own two Gucci-sneakered feet. The success of that independent effort, coupled with the major label fumbling of his sophomore Playaz Circle album, pushed him to make a personal challenge to himself in 2009 to “turn up.”

At that point he dropped the double-disc mixtape All Ice On Me which made way for his two-part Trapavelli series. Both of which featured cameos from the likes of fellow underground kings Bun B and Gucci Mane, as well as his 2009 street hit “Stupid” and the surprise 2010 radio smash “Boo.”

“With my series, I always had those 2Pac like titles,” he points out. “I’m not saying that I had the same music as Pac, but I do think that I have the same work ethic.”

It couldn’t be anymore evident now. Proving that he could write street anthems with crossover appeal, he build a large demand for his 2010 mix tape "Codeine Withdrawal" mix tape. By the time followed up with 2011’s Codeine Cowboy, 2Chainz’ buzz had reached a fever pitch with the likes of Busta Rhymes, Young Jeezy and Pusha T jumping at the chance to join what he likes to call his “campaign.”

“I think the world is catching up to me,” says the lanky rapper who makes it a point to distinguish himself from the competition by going as far has hosting rooftop listening parties, arriving by helicopter. “I’ve always been confident in what I do and had the respect of the people, that the people respected.”

Now with a catalog of music spanning hundreds of songs and certified hits, 2Chainz has become one of the most frequently booked independent artists in the country and eventually the world.

“I would say that I have towns and cities on lock, but I’m now at the point where I can say I have entire states,” says the widely accepted rapper who has won accolades of peers ranging from Raekwon to Kanye West. “I’m working from the ground up and it feels that more satisfying when the big cities start calling or getting to the point that everybody on my team needs passports.”

Things can only pick up even faster now thanks to his Drumma Boy-produced smash single “Spend It.” While some will assume that it’s just another ode to “trapping” anyone with good ears will know that its the perfect anthem for anybody chasing the American Dream.

“It’s a reality record that people can adapt to,” he says. “You don’t necessarily have to be a trapper for it to be your song. It can be a song for when you get your paycheck too. You’ll feel like you’re a part of the song.”

The road to more riches has only begun for 2Chainz. After the release of the critically acclaimed, T.R.U. REALigion, which dropped in November 2011, 2 Chainz’s star began to rise at an astronomical rate.

With the release of hit records such as: "Spend It", "Turn Up" and "Riot", 2 Chainz immediately became the name and sound on everyone's mix tape and radio station. With over 100 features since 2011 and a staggering 350 performances across the globe, it was then clear that he was going to be a force to be reckoned with. Labels, one after the other began clambering for the attention of the star. Finally deciding to settle with Def Jam Records, who he had a previous relationship with the star via Playaz Circle, 2 Chainz now had the support system to help bolster his already burgeoning. First the BET Cypha, which proved that he could hold his own lyrically amongst his peers, then records with Kanye West, Drake and Nicki Minaj to name a few, this obscure and oft slept on rapper from the south side of Atlanta has been established as the newest member of the hip hop echelon. Social networking is a universe all his own. With 27 Million YouTube views collectively and 750,000 Twitter followers, this is a career ascent rarely witnessed.

To date, there isn't a country, city or state that isn't familiar with the name "2 Chainz". Celebrities the like Lebron James, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj have all aligned themselves with the star. Having recently come off the Drake "Club Paradise" Tour and gearing up to join Nicki Minaj across the globe, the real anticipation lies with the release of his first solo album, "Based on a T.R.U Story", scheduled to hit the street in August 14, 2012. "No Lie", the first single from the project featuring Drake is currently charting 40 top on both Rhythm and top 10 on Urban across the country.

In addition to his success as an artist, 2 Chainz has also partnered with the organization, the Hip Hop Caucus that supports and encourages the voting rights of those disenfranchised across the states. He has accepted the position as the spokes person of their "Respect my Vote!" campaign and has committed to visiting varying communities to encourage Americans to participate in the American process.

Not only has he defied the odds as an independent artist, 2 Chainz, the musician, father and superstar is on track to have one of the most successful careers to date. With the support of fans and the industry, this will be a story worth following.

And, that's No Lie!
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