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Kelvin Jones

Kelvin Jones

Based in United Kingdom
Labels Four Music, Epic Records
Kelvin Jones is one of the great music stars that the Internet has produced in recent years. A friend posted his song ‘Call You Home’ in January 2014 on, where it was watched over 1 million times within 24 hours. That was the beginning of a story that can be written only in the present. The song was then discovered and played by the editorial staff of "Good Morning America." Virtually overnight Kelvin had an army of followers - all major international record companies wanted to take him under contract.

Kelvin Jones is a fan of B. B. King, Buddy Guy and John Mayer. His songs are a perfect blend of Blues and rousing Pop. "Of course I know the music of Robert Johnson and Charlie Patton," Kelvin said in an interview, "the monotony of the old Delta-Blues makes me impatient. I love melody. B. B. King is my biggest influence, because he only plays the minimal sounds needed on his electric guitar - and at the same time incorporates the Blues most beautiful melodies. "

Kelvin Jones, despite his young age, is already a formidable Minimalist. He sings with a voice full of soul, his melodies are just as catchy as voluptuous, and yet he plays without any ornament and without eclectic decorations. He has a surprisingly disarming explanation: "I'm also a fan of Michael Jackson. In his three-minute pop songs, he was able to amalgamate a verse, bridge and chorus into a masterpiece of catchiness.”

The songs of his debut album ‘Stop The Moment’ were recorded with a band in Berlin. Although he last toured alone with an acoustic guitar, this will now change: "Only a good song can be made sparse by an acoustic guitar accompaniment. That is why it is so important that I try out my songs alone in front of audiences. But only with the band in the back, with the electric guitar in hand, I'll come closest to my idea of Blues-Pop. Because sounds are like colors - and thus open spaces of association. My lyrics work best in harmony with the tone."

Why Berlin? "It is always about people. People are the reason why I signed with Four Music. And the people are the reason why I recorded my album in Berlin. One is the role of language. The Germans speak English, but unlike the English, they do not beat around the bush. They are right. I can deal with praise and criticism, as long as both are honest. In England, however, there is this culture to always be polite yet vague with many words. The process of making music honest is essential. Additionally, I found it fascinating to record my debut album not just at home, but in a place where everything is strange and interesting. In Berlin I stayed at the Michelberger Hotel, which in my eyes is todays Chelsea Hotel. If you have a guitar and a dream, then go there and try your luck. "

In addition: Kelvin Jones is an avid skateboarder. "Every night I did not spend in the studio, I skated through Berlin. I learned to love Treptower Park and Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge). But my favorite place is frankly very touristy: It is the television tower at Alexanderplatz. I insist to invite my friends there. Because from up there you can see the city that changed my life."
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Alle Farben x Kelvin Jones x Younotus "Only Thing We Know"
Alle Farben x Kelvin Jones x Younotus
Album: Only Thing We Know - Single
Genre: Dance
Moods: Building, Feel Good
GAMPER & DADONI "Just Smile (feat. Milow)"
Album: Just Smile (feat. Milow) - Single
Genre: House
Moods: Party, Rhythmic, Upbeat, Uplifting
Kelvin Jones "Call You Home (Hedonism Remix)"
Album: Call You Home - Remixes
Genre: Pop
Moods: Feel Good, Warm
Kelvin Jones "Call You Home"
Album: Call You Home - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Bright, Gentle
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