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Based in Portland, OR & New York, NY
Members Randa Leigh, Brian Vincent
SOS members Randa Leigh and Brian Vincent have the rare ability to captivate and draw in anyone they meet. There is a magnetism about them, a kind of humorous charm that is humble and lively. It is this blend of charisma, power, and honesty that flows through their music to create a soulful and explosive brand of pop.

The duo grew up in drastically different ways, but wound up falling in love with the same kinds of music. Leigh, growing up in Baltimore and being surrounded by her extensive West Indian family, became a fan of Dancehall, World Music, and Pop. Vincent grew up on the Oregon Coast, and at an early age delve into Hip Hop, Soul, and Electronic music. They share a mutual love for R&B and for artists such as Aaliyah, Vybez Cartel, Kanye West, D'Angelo, and Lykke Li.

Their upcoming self titled album is a portrait of youth that explores the emotional impulses that control us through our twenties in a visceral and immediate way. From personal insecurities to moments of reckless action and adventure, the story is told in cinematic fashion through Vincent's atmospheric production while Leigh's vocals move in and out of frame.

SOS developed their sound in the Summer of 2013 when they left their jobs and locked themselves away to record in a cabin in rural Oregon. Since then they've split their time between Portland, OR, and New York, NY, using their experiences to change and craft the album to reflect what they hear, see, and feel in their environment. The result is a multi-layered sound that is urgent and distinct. Music that will be called ambitious and chill-worthy. Music that can provide the soundtrack for a long drive or a hook up at a house party.
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SOS "100 the Wrong Way"
Album: Shadows On Stars
Genre: Indie/Pop/Alternative
Moods: Ambient, Upbeat, Easy Listening
SOS "Glass Fingers"
Album: Shadows On Stars
Genre: Indie/Pop/Alternative
Moods: Driving, Feel Good, Energetic
SOS "Here"
Album: Shadows On Stars
Genre: Indie/Pop/Alternative
Moods: Bright, Dreamy, Melancholic
SOS "Never Let Me Down"
Album: Shadows On Stars
Genre: Indie/Pop/Alternative
Moods: Building, Tense, Energetic
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