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Based in Toronto, Canada
Members Scott Anderson
James Black
Rick Jackett
Sean Anderson
Writers Scott Anderson
James Black
Rick Jackett
Sean Anderson
FINGER ELEVEN’s long-awaited, critically acclaimed sixth studio album (and first in five years), FIVE CROOKED LINES, was released today via The Bicycle Music Company/Concord. The album’s first single, “Wolves and Doors,” is burning up the radio airwaves now. A video for the song can be seen here:

FINGER ELEVEN--Scott Anderson (vocals), James Black (guitar), Rick Jackett (guitar) and Sean Anderson (bass)--chose the album title after they realized that Anderson’s lyrics to the title song had a universal appeal and a particular relevance to the album. “For me it’s symbolic of fortune and luck and how fragile those things are,” Anderson says. “In one instance you’ve got five crooked lines, which in one position is just a heap of bent sticks. But in the right way, they make a star, which is the most glorious shape there is.”

In addition to capturing a primal, authentic feel, FIVE CROOKED LINES incorporates the band’s earliest influences and recontextualizes them in an explosive modern framework. “Absolute Truth” features a turbulent rhythm that tumbles through a vortex of quasi-psychedelic guitars, “Blackout Song” is a feast of fuzzy, wailing riffs, four-to-the-floor beats and euphoric hooks and the title track exits the gate with crashing symbols, a buzzing passage and a counter-melody that keeps the music pumping. From one song to the next, there are no compromises, no concessions and nothing tailor-crafted to suit any outside demands. There’s even a seven-minute song, “Come On, Oblivion,” a transcendent ebb-and-flow mélange of trippy acoustic and electric instrumentation that’s as reminiscent of early The Verve as it is of Pink Floyd.

FIVE CROOKED LINES has already been receiving rave reviews:

“It's a fierce record that'll excite fans and irritate Celine Dion-loving mothers.”
--Bear Frazer,

“FINGER ELEVEN have made an album on their own terms that breaks new musical ground while simultaneously drawing on retro influences.”
--Bob Schallau,

“...FIVE CROOKED LINES is the type of album that can be a game changer for any band.”
--Bob Zerull,

“Another thing they can be credited for is their sonic evolution album to album, a sound is still evolving on FIVE CROOKED LINES thanks to an influx of classic rock and heavy blues.”
--Brian Campbell,

“ authentically raw, emotional powerful and adrenaline fueled rock record which serves as the band’s most captivating work to date!”
--Jason Price,

“This might be the band’s best and most complete work. There are nods to their influences all over the album if you listen for them, but at the same time it is completely and genuinely a FINGER ELEVEN album.”
-- Chad Hobbs,

“FIVE CROOKED LINES is a grandiose musical proclamation to the beauty of sound. 9 out of 10.”
-- Eric Hunker,

FINGER ELEVEN is continuing their headlining U.S. tour, which concludes next month. Stay tuned for more dates to be added in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check them out at any of the following stops:


Fri 7/31 Sioux City, IA Hard Rock Hotel
Mon 8/3 Cleveland, OH The Agora Ballroom
Tue 8/4 Buffalo, NY Iron Works
Wed 8/5 Manchester, NH Jewel
Fri 8/14 Mount Brydges, ONT. RockinWheel Fest Lion’s Park
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