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Isotobia Forrest

Isotobia Forrest

Based in Denmark
Labels Liftedhouse
A story untold, a spell not yet created. An unwritten page, whispering... calling to be found.

With numerous rankings in Top 5 charts, supported by Paul van Dyk, Armin van Burren, etc. this is not the story of a short lived Mayfly.

This is an epic journey of a songwriter. An infectious persona that has taken her around the world participating in musicals, touring and working with record labels and defining artists.

Isotobia Forrest is a musical perfectionist, a vibrant singer/songwriter, with an adventurous
and edgy approach to the world of electronic music. Hailing from Denmark, her musical history goes far beyond the familiar. Skillfully navigating the fragile space between genres, her
phrasing and lyrics seemingly playful, but leaving deep imprints.

As a professional songwriter, she seeks only the essence. Anything redundant and irrelevant is ignored, leaving only the true magic. Every detail is scrutinized before it is given to another
person to take in and embrace, to connect with another at the perfect time...the perfect moment they've been craving.

The voice of Isotobia Forrest is of natural origin, but has been painstakingly refined. Through
both classical vocal training and deeper instruction by one of the best in its field, her voice is that subtle blend of youth and experience. Wanting nothing less than perfection she has continuously been developing her atmospheric and distinct tone, possessing a full spectrum of vocal tonalities.

"My mind is like an invisible rainbow - mesmerised by the present of something so pure and beautiful, but not just yet visible to the human eye” // Isotobia Forrest

Deep within the enchanted world of circular frequencies, with colours so vivid they blind the human eye, lives an individual of opportunities. Elevated by a brew of mesmerizing vocabulary. Rising, intensively spreading an overwhelming layer of mist throughout... until it covers the forest bed. A playful and curious mind that seeks answers and longs to explore
the corners of all that is. Driven by her highest excitement, she navigates only along the true path. Playful and swift like a butterfly, using her keen intuition and wildly imaginary mind, the right melody and words reveal themselves to her.

Now she extends her invitation for you and come along.
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