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Scott Stapp

Scott Stapp

Based in Florida, United States
Since his humble beginnings in Orlando Florida, Scott Stapp always had an indestructible passion for writing and performing soulful, rock music. Once he hit college, Stapp put his passion for music making into practice, when he joined forces with Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips in forming one of the most iconic bands of this generation: Creed.

Together, the band reached instant mainstream success with the release of their debut album, My Own Prison in 1997. With four powerful singles, such “Torn”, “My Own Prison”, “What’s This Life For”, and “One”, Creed’s My Own Prison quickly became a multi-platinum album, selling over six million copies worldwide. And with each succeeding album, such as Human Clay (1999), Weathered (2002), Greatest Hits (2004), and Full Circle (2009), Creed and Stapp’s fame only catapulted. Furthermore, Stapp’s debut solo venture in 2005, The Great Divide, quickly became a double platinum album.

Along with his groundbreaking vocals, Stapp is most widely celebrated for his spiritual storytelling. As evidenced through each of his emotionally charged tracks, Stapp had the ability to captivate audiences around the world with his original lyrics. His ability to compose arresting lyrics earned Stapp a Grammy in 2001, for his number-one hit, “With Arms Wide Open.”

In his latest album, Proof of Life, Stapp invites listeners to learn of his personal struggles with drugs, alcohol, depression, and love. Such open storytelling makes Proof of Life one of Stapp's most crowning musical achievements.
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Boyce Avenue "My Sacrifice"
Boyce Avenue
Album: New Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 5
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Moods: Emotional, Melodic
Creed "Rain"
Album: Full Circle
Genre: Hard Rock
Mood: Upbeat
Creed "Are You Ready"
Album: Human Clay
Genre: Hard Rock
Mood: Stressful
Creed "Beautiful"
Album: Human Clay
Genre: Hard Rock
Mood: Dreamy
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