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Broken City

Broken City

Members Adam Watts, Gannin Arnold
Broken City is the songwriting, production, mixing, and artist development team of Adam Watts and Gannin Arnold. Combined, their work is featured on over 50 million albums sold worldwide.

Adam & Gannin have worked with a diverse list of artists, including Demi Lovato, Jeremy Camp, Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus, Switchfoot, Joe Walsh, Simon Phillips, Colton Dixon, Taylor Hawkins, Dave Grohl and Hey Violet, among others.

Watts tells the story, “Gannin and I have been collaborating since we were basically kids. We were both making ends meet playing in bands all over Orange County and Los Angeles. Anything from cover bands to jazz-fusion, funk, rock, pop,original bands, whatever. We met at a jazz gig at a place called Steamers in Fullerton and struck up a friendship instantly. I had been playing drums and writing and recording instrumental music. Gannin needed a drummer for his first solo album, so we were off and running.

“During the time I was helping Gannin make his first record “One”, I got the itch to start singing, writing songs and producing myself. It was a pretty profound shift for me. I had been writing instrumental music for awhile but singing and songwriting was different. It was like I had found what I was meant to do. It was such a cool time. We spent the next five years or so playing on each others songs, rooting for each other, honing our craft as solo artists, engineers and producers.

During that time I met my, now long time, friend and collaborator Andy Dodd, and as Gannin migrated north to Burbank to do more touring and session work, Andy and I carried on writing and producing as a team we called Red Decibel.

“Andy and I had our first success producing a couple records for Jeremy Camp (“Stay” & “Carried Me”), that both went gold, which kind of launched us into the CCM world. Jeremy vouched for us as producers and Brandon Ebel over at Tooth & Nail, BEC (EMI), gave us our first shot, which was super cool of him.

Soon after that, we partnered with Walt Disney through kind of a fluke thing: writing and producing this pop song called “Beautiful Soul” which became a worldwide hit for Jesse McCartney. This came as a result of connection the indie A&R firm TAXI made for us. This was another bug turning point. Suddenly, all these opportunities opened up in that world and we found ourselves neck deep in a wide range of Disney projects. Everything from the shows on the Disney Channel, to animated features to live action films, to bands and artists on Hollywood Records.

“Meanwhile, I was consistently making and releasing my own solo records. I was signed to Tooth & Nail/BEC for awhile (releasing “The Noise Inside”) and was just constantly creating, doing all kinds of projects. I have to say, it was a mind trip artistically. I was spending the day working on something like High School Musical and the night digging, with a metaphysical shovel, through my consciousness to write personal songs about the inner struggles of my own existence! Not quite the same process as a Disney Channel project.

“During this time Gannin and I had lost touch a bit. Little did I know, he was going through a similar sort of dualistic process. He was still making his own records, while simultaneously producing music for major corporations like Mattel and Disney, touring with guys like Joe Walsh from the Eagles, while also making records with Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters. Such is the life of the modern musician! You stitch together an artistic life alongside a career.

“So back in Orange County, on one hand, I was making a great living and aiming for worldwide success, on the other, I’m striving to express myself in the most artistically authentic way possible. It was a corporate music biz mentality when the sun was up, and a starving-artist, purist mindset when the sun went down. Felt like I was living a double life. Thankfully, there were some cool times during those years when the two coincided and projects would come in that would allow space for both – “This is Home”, with Switchfoot, was one for sure. As time went on, it became a burning desire to bring as much art into the craft and business as possible. I decided to spend a lot more time on my solo music and formed a band around my thing (FALLBORN), with some close friends. I also decided to make artist development a focus.

A few things happened around this time, which was around 2009. Andy moved to Nashville, Gannin moved back to Orange County, and I had a personal breakthrough in regards to my career and artistic goals. I wanted to bring it all together. I continued to work with Andy remotely on Disney projects, and then Gannin joined in. We produced a record for Hollywood Records, for a girl band called Cherri Bomb, and had success with Colton Dixon right after his stint on American Idol. As Gannin and I reconnected, we realized we needed to form our own company to carry out our goals in music. BROKEN CITY was born. After some work with American Idol finalists, we connected with a great guy named Iain Pirie, who became our manager, and a new era officially began. It’s been a blast.”

Since the inception of BROKEN CITY, Watts & Arnold have enjoyed #1 Hit Records with acts including Colton Dixon (CMG), American Idol finalist Angie Miller, and Hey Violet (Capital Records/MODEST! Mgmt), amongst others.
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Adam Watts "This Christmas"
Album: A Christmas Together Vol. 1
Genre: Holiday/Specialty
Moods: Feel Good, Light
Adam Watts "For You"
Album: Empty Me, Vol. 1
Genre: Christian & Gospel
Moods: Calm, Easy Listening
Adam Watts "A Place to Grow"
Album: Fallborn
Genre: Alternative
Moods: Active, Fast
Adam Watts "Back to You"
Album: Fallborn
Genre: Alternative
Moods: Melodic, Rhythmic
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