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Thomas Hogsted

Thomas Hogsted

Based in Denmark
Thomas Hogsted is a Danish writer and producer who started creating music as a teenager. Influenced by his father who was a drummer, Thomas started DJ’ing at a very young age. With a nearly two-decade long career in songwriting, Thomas has sold more than half a million copies of his early work in Denmark and has several award nominations under his belt, making him one of the best kept secrets in the Danish music business. His love for electronic music and catchy tunes has become his trademark as he paves the way for an international career.
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Mads Christian "Crash Landing"
Mads Christian
Album: Crash Landing - Single
Genre: Pop
Moods: Atmospheric, Melancholic
Nighthunters "I Don't Give A Duck"
Album: I Don't Give A Duck - Single
Genres: Dance, Pop
Moods: Atmospheric, Dance, Electronic, Energetic
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